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Pendleton Air Museum

is a 501(c)3 non-profit Organization. We accept donations associated with our mission. Items involving history, miltary, aviation and Pendleton, Oregon; are accepted with a deed of gift. 

Having such items in a museum allows the public to see and learn about local, regional and world history.  

If you have something you would like to donate to the Pendleton Air Museum, please contact us if you have any questions.

WWII in a Wild West Town

is a documentary based on interviews of Veterans and cilivians who worked and trained at Pendleton Air Field during the WWII Era. THe documentary also includes footage and still of airplanes, equipment and people pertinent to the film. 

The film depicts the military aspects and accomplishments of the cilivian and military personnel during the 1940's. It also shows how Pendleton Field brought many chance meetings which resulted in marriages and friendships.

 Pendleton Air Museum appreciates all the hard work member Terry Becktold who spearheaded the making and production of World War II in a Wild West Town. The new dvd originial artwork
has been designed by Pendleton Air Museum member Carl Merkle.

Available at: 
Pendleton Air Museum 

Doolittle Raiders Gala - Celebrating & Remembering the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders - April 29, 2017 
Visitors got to touch, look, feel history; to meet, greet, honor veterans; so may we never forget.

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